Research Projects

Medieval European Coinage

The Medieval European Coinage (MEC) project is preparing for publication a multi-volume reference work on the coinage of Medieval Europe from c. 450 to c. 1500. A full list of the publications and the team of international collaborators can be found on the MEC webpage.

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Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds

The Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds from the British Isles, records all single-finds dating between the end of the Roman occupation and AD 1180. The on-line database, which begun in 1997, now includes over 7,000 finds.

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Checklist of Coin Hoards

The Checklist of Coin Hoards from the British Isles, c. 450-1180, maintains a comprehensive list of hoards from the Anglo-Saxon period, Norman and early Plantagenet periods.

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Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles

The Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles has been publishing coins in British museums and many important collections abroad, since 1958. It is composed of 56 volumes which can now be searched online with full descriptions and images of over 50,000 coins.

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Islamic Collections

A catalogue of the Islamic coins is being prepared by Dr Vlastimil Nov k, the curator of Oriental Coins in the National Museum, Prague. Publication of c. 3,600 coins is expected soon.

The coins can be viewed in the Museum's Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) by clicking here.

Indian Collections

In conjunction with the Charles Wallace India Trust, the Fitzwilliam has invited Indian scholars to Cambridge to study our holdings of Indian coins. The following scholars have participated in the scheme:

* 2000: Dr Ejaz Hussain (Sultanate coins)
* 1999: Dr Shailendra Bhandare (Princely State coins)
* 1998: Sanjay and Nurussaba Garg (Mughal coins)

Catalogues of the Sultanate and Mughal collections are in preparation.