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List of Periodicals

List updated: 23 March 2019

Double guldiner of Emperor Maximilian I (1493-1519), bought with the aid of the NACF

Double guldiner of
Emperor Maximilian I
bought with the aid of the NACF


Numismatic Periodicals in the Fitzwilliam Museum
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(note: these are large files ranging in size between 900Kbytes and 6Mbytes)


This index describes the Department's holdings of numismatic periodicals (about 95 current periodicals are maintained, and there are partial holdings of some 450 others). These can be consulted by visitors to the Department (see the Contact/Visit pages on arranging an appointment to visit).

Notes on periodical references

Periodicals are listed alphabetically by title, not by society or other organisation unless the name appears in the title. Cross references are given where helpful.

For example AMERICAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY NEWSLETTER is the whole title and is entered as such, but NEWSLETTER. The Journal of the London Numismatic Club will be entered as NEWSLETTER with a cross reference from LONDON NUMISMATIC CLUB.

Location Guide:

{Med. Room} Medals Room
{Med. Room Lobby} Medals Room Lobby
{Per. Room} Periodicals Room
{W. Room} Work Room
{G. Room} Grierson Room
{43CJ} Items among the classified series of books

When changes in title occur, wherever possible the periodicals are located together under the most recently used title.