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The library of the Department of Coins and Medals of the Fitzwilliam, together with the personal library of the Honorary Keeper, Professor Philip Grierson, which is partly on deposit in the Museum, has a very good coverage of numismatics in general, and is especially strong in Ancient Greek, Roman, Oriental, medieval European and British numismatics, historical medals and tokens.

The books, pamphlets and many of the off-prints are catalogued in Cambridge University's Newton Library Catalogue, in the section Departments and Libraries F-M. This can be accessed on-line at


Some 95 current numismatic periodicals are maintained, and the library includes c.450 other periodicals, many of them partial. The Union Catalogue referred to above includes the departmental periodicals, but it only indicates the general date range of our holdings.

A detailed List of Periodicals can be consulted on this site and will be updated periodically.

Numismatic Sale Catalogues

An important departmental resource is the collection of numismatic auction catalogues and fixed price lists, which has been developed particularly by Professor Buttrey in recent years to the point where it now comprises 45,000 catalogues, and for 20th-century sales the collection is probably the best that exists.

A List of Catalogues can be consulted on this site and will be updated on a monthly basis.


The Department's archives include the papers and correspondence of:

Christopher Blunt (1904-87)
Michael Dolley (1925-83) (Inventory)
Margaret Grimshaw (1904-90) (Inventory)
John Mossop (1913-96)
R.B. Whitehead (1879-1967) (Inventory)

These can be viewed by appointment (see contact details).


The Department of Coins and Medals is designated as the principal repository in Cambridge University for books and periodicals on numismatics, although the main University Library also has some numismatic works and periodicals, especially U.K. publications received as a Copyright Library.

Students and others are welcome to use the Departmental library by appointment (see contact details).