Seminar Programme

The Department of Coins and Medals holds occasional informal seminars on numismatic subjects, given by members of the department and visiting scholars. Visitors are welcome to attend, but please contact the organisers via Jonathan Jarrett (, in advance to let us know that you are coming. The programme is subject to change at short notice, and it is best to confirm that a seminar is going ahead as planned.

Seminars take place in the department at 3.30 pm (prompt!) on Fridays.

Future Seminars

To be announced

Past Seminars (2008)

1 February
Neil Middleton
Early Medieval Tolls and the Coinages of North-Western Europe

Past Seminars (2007)

18 January
Ros Faith
Lincolnshire liquidity before the Norman Conquest

2 March
Rory Naismith
Anglo-Saxon coins and the written sources in the eighth and ninth centuries

4 May
Jonathan Jarrett
Currency change in pre-millennial Catalonia: coinage, counts and economics

25 May
Daniela Williams
Coin circulation in Roman Imperial South Etruria

15 June
Susan Tyler-Smith
Epigraphy versus design and Khusro II's coinage reform in year 12

20 July
Peter Ilisch
New research in the beginnings of regional coinage in the lands between Aachen, Maastricht and Boulogne during the Viking Age period

Past Seminars (2006)

27 October
William Day Jr
The early coinage of Ancona and Ravenna

8 December
Martin Allen
English mint output and the economy

Past Seminars (2005)

28 January
Martin Allen
The Cambridge Chesterton Lane hoard

Past Seminars (2004)

30 January
Susan Tyler-Smith
A monetary reform of Khusro II of 610(?) in context

26 March
Evangeline Markou
Introduction to Archaic and Classical Cypriot coinage

11 November
Vicky Georganteli
Cityscapes on Byzantine coins

3 December
Rory Naismith
The coinage of Offa

Past Seminars (2003)

31 January
Martin Allen
Money in thirteenth-century England

28 February
Jack Hinton
Forming designs, shaping medals: a collection of wax models by the Hamerani

25 April
Harold Mattingly
The Athenian standards decree

29 July
Tuukka Talvio
The coins of Harold and Harthacnut

31 October
Marcus Phillips
The choice of metals of Crusader coinage

Thursday 27 November
Ted Buttrey
RIC II.i revised: Vespasian's coinage revisited

5 December
Peter Ilisch
The coinages of Lower Lotharingia and Saxony in the context of recent work on Ottonian and Salian numismatics

Past Seminars (2002)

8 March
Shinichi Sakuraki
Japanese excavations and numismatics

26 April
Elina Screen
Royal resources in 9th-century Lotharingia

31 May
Peter Spufford
Effects of monetary devaluation on prices

28 June
Susan Tyler-Smith
Late Sasanian/Pseudo-Sasanian coinages

4 October
Sergio Boffa
Late thirteenth-century monetary reforms in the Low Countries

1 November
Marcus Phillips
Seventh-century coinage as an historical source

6 December
Mark Blackburn
The Hoen hoard and gold in Viking-Age Europe

Past Seminars (2001)

23 February
Anna Gannon
Anglo-Saxon coins and the art historian

30 March
Anton Holt
The Gaulverjabær Hoard: Iceland's only Viking-age hoard

27 April
Martin Allen
The use of money in thirteenth-century England

25 May
William Day Jr
The medieval Florentine economy

30 November
Shinichi Sakuraki
Japanese currency