British and other Campaign
and Gallantry Medals
from the Collection of
Lester Watson (1889-1959)

A-S and Groups

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Recipient & details:                       


France, Mexican Expedition 1862-3, silver campaign medal

Silver. Unnamed.   Ribbon with eagle and snake.


France, Italian Campaign, 1859, silver medal

                Monebello, Palestro; Turbigo; Magenta; Marignam; Dalferino

Silver.   Unnamed.   Ribbon red and white stripes.


Médaille Militaire, 1st Type (French), Louis Napoleon, 'Valeur et discipline'

Silver with gilt and enamel (flaking off), eagle below ribbon.


Médaille Militaire, 1870 (French), République Française, 'Valeur et discipline'

Silver gilt and enamel, trophies below ribbon.


France, Panama Campaign 1917-1918, silvered bronze medal.   Obv. Woman inscribing a stone pedestal; Rev. Shield with eagle above. '1917' at top and '1918' at bottom.

Silvered bronze.   Unnamed.   Ribbon red, blue and white.


G. British

H. Belgium

I. USA (with bar Atlantic Fleet)

J. USA (without bar)

K. Czechoslovakia

L. France

M. Japan

N. Greece

O. Portugal

P. Romania

Q. South Africa

R. Cuba

S. Italy

Bt. Baldwins 1927 or earlier, except for Greece (bt. c. 1930)

Group 1

Sudan (Queens) (1896-7): 362

Sudan (Khedive's) (1896-1910): 359



      Abu Hamed

      Sudan 1897

      The Atbara


      Sudan 1899



Sudan (Khedive’s) 1910: 357

      S Kordofan 1910

      Sudan 1912

First two numbered 2439/9, 12th Sudanese Regt.; third unnamed

Bt Spink before 1928

Group 2

Victoria Cross (27 Jan 1917): 373

Distinguished Conduct Medal: 84A

Mons 1914-15 Star: 252A

Sgt. E. J. Mott, 1st Btn. Border Regt.

Bt Baldwin before 1928

Group 3

Indian Order of Merit 3rd Class: 189

India Gen Service: 156

      N. E. Frontier 1891

Tibet 1903-4 (Ed. VII): 369


India Gen Service: 175

      Abor 1911-12

Subadar Jangbir Rana, 8th Ghurka Rifles

With original Certificate for the Order of Merit dated 13 Nov 1904 citing ‘his conspicuous gallantry during the assault on a village near Gyantse Jong on the 8th July 1904, when he climbed a wall ten feet high strongly held by the enemy.   From this position he checked the fire of the enemy and killed several of them being himself wounded.’

A cutting from the Indian Army List, July 1917 lists these four medals and for the Tibet, 1903-4, medal cites: ‘Operations at and around Gyantse 5th May to 6th July 1904.   March to Lhassa, 14 July to 3rd August 1904.’

Bt Gifford 1928

Group 4

Africa Gen Service: 23

      Somaliland 1908-10

Naval Gen Service 1910: 301

      Persian Gulf 1907-14

183527 AB P. Redmond, H. M. S. PROSERPINE

Bt Spink 1926

Group 5

A & H Art. Co., London Medal, 1903: 26

Long Service (Ed VII) Volunteer Force: 210

Old Gunners' Club Medal: 318

Sgt. Tptr. W. J. Waterlow, H. A. C.

454 Sgt. Tptr. W. J. Waterlow, H. A. C.


Ex A A Payne Coll.; bt before 1928

(Illus. Payne, Handbook (1911), p. 215, pl. A.)

Group 6

Coronation, Geo. V: 69

Gen. Service 1914-18: 130

Victory 1914-19: 373B

Sudan (Khedive’s) 1916: 358


Capt. T. M. Monk

Capt. T. M. Monk


Acquired before 1928

Group 7

D. S. O. (Geo. V): 88

Distinguished Flying Cross: 85

Gen. Service 1914-18: 129

Victory Medal 1914-19: 373A

Cross of St George, Russia, silver, 4th Class: 354

Order of St Vladimir, Russia, 4th Class (mil.), gold, by Edward: 356

Order of St Stanislas, Russia, 2nd Class (mil.), bronze-gilt: 355

Order of St Anne, Russia, 2nd Class (mil.), gold, by Edward (one arm chipped): 353


Unnamed (2nd Lieut. J. Mitchell, RAF); London Gazette 12th July 1920 (South Russia); M.i.D 16th July 1920

2nd Lieut. J. Mitchell, RAF





2nd Lieut. John Mitchell, DSO, RAF

Bt Baldwin 1928

Group 8

Order of the Bath: 35

Ghuznee 1839: 132

Maharajpoor Star 1843: 222

Sutlej: Aliwal 1846: 367

Punjab 1849: 321

Crimea: 74

      Sebastopol 1854

Turkish Crimea 1855 (British flag front): 76

Order of the Medjidie: 226


Unnamed (as Maj. Gen.)

Capt. L. Fyler, 16th Lancers

Capt. L. Fyler, 16th Lancers

Capt. L. Fyler, 16th Lancers

Major L. Fyler, 3rd Light Dragoons

Lieut. Col. L. Fyler, 12th Lancers

Col. L. Fyler, 12th Lancers

Col. L. Fyler, (Prince of Wales')

Bt Seaby 1929

Group 9

Order of Dooranie Empire: 92

India 1799-1826: 138

India Gen. Service (Vic): 155

Ghuznee 1839: 131

Unnamed (Lieut. George Warren, European Regt.)

Brig. George Warren, Commy Bengal Brigade


Brig. George Warren, European Regt.

All with riband buckles and suspension brooches; medal clasps gilt

Bt Baldwin 1931