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Online Photo Gallery: Nubia Today

Andrew Crowe is a Cambridge-based photographer with a particular interest in African culture and history. He visited Egypt for the first time in 2008 in order to record aspects of modern and ancient Nubian culture. These photographs form the first part on an on-going project to explore Nubian heritage. ‘Nubia’ is an ethnic and cultural term that is applied to both the southern Nile Valley in Egypt and the northern region of the country we now call Sudan. Today, Nubians are defined by their languages, which are ancient and different to Arabic. The term Nubian is also associated with the modern concept of ‘Black’ as in African. Nubian objects are currently on display in gallery 24 on the ground floor of the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Like many people of African-Caribbean descent, Andrew is interested in the way in which Ancient Egypt is presented and advocates a stronger connection to Africa. The photographs in this exhibition, along with objects from the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collections, will provide a means of expressing a link between modern and ancient peoples and their traditions and will appear in the resource section of this website, which is currently under development.

All photographs copyright Andrew Crowe.

A Nubian gaffir
on Elephantine Island

A Nubian man from
Sudan, now living in Aswan

A Nubian man

A Nubian woman

A traditional
Nubian house
at Darrow

Abandoned 'meeting house'
in a Nubian village, Aswan

Boy from the
Island of Sohail

Kalabsha Temple

Mud-brick tomb
in the Fatimid
Cemetery Aswan

Natural pyramid on
the road from
Abu Simbal to Aswan

Newly decorated Nubian house
on the Island of Sohail, Aswan

Nubian gaffir from
the Nubia Museum Aswan

Nubian House on Sohail
Island showing the Aswan dam

Nubian House on the
Island of Sohail, Aswan

Nubian House,
Sohail Island Aswan

Nubian storage jars
and cooking pots
from the Darrow house

Nubian women

View from a taxi
on the West Bank, Aswan

Water jars, Aswan