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Charles Ricketts designed this pendant as a gift for Maria Appia and her cousin, the poet and wood engraver Thomas Sturge Moore (1870-1944), who were married in 1904. It was completed on 5 March 1904, and like several other jewels that Ricketts designed at the beginning of the century, it was made by the London jewellers Carlo & Arthur Giuliano, then directed by Arthur Giuliano (1864-1914). The back is enamelled in neo-Renaissance style with interlacing circles and the recipients' initials TM over MA. The front shows 'Psyche Descending into Hell', an episode in the story of Psyche told by Apuleius in The Golden Ass. The design was based on one of Moore's illustrations for an edition of the story published by the Vale Press in 1897. Ricketts was fascinated by gemstones, and used them lavishly here. The centre and circumference of the pendant are set with projecting sapphires, emeralds, chrysolites, a large pink topaz and a garnet, and at the bottom there is a pearl and a large emerald drop. Little wonder that he described it as a pendant 'which will tear all lace and scratch babies'.