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Normally, if you search our collections on this website, you are taken to Collections Explorer, our online public access catalogue.

We have had to take Collections Explorer offline for the next two to three months for rebuilding.  This is due to security issues which require major action to be taken.  When our temporary system is ready for public use, an announcement will be made here and on our main website pages.  The main website and any personal data are unaffected by this issue.

This downtime only affects the front-facing Collections Explorer website, and specific data requests can still be made through the main website on our Collections pages.

In case helpful, 74,000 of our object records are available via Europeana and several thousand paintings records are available via ArtUK.

If you need help with a specific data request, please contact us.



Updated: 15th November 2019

Posted: 6th November 2019