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Ancient Egypt Project

On 4 October 2004 the Egyptian Galleries at the Fitzwilliam Museum closed to allow a major project of renovation and redisplay to be carried out

Conserving Ancient Egypt

A conservation and technical investigation project accompanied the refurbishment of the Egyptian Galleries. It continued with additional objects for rotation into the displays and preparation for publication of the research.

Rediscovering Greece and Rome

Between 2008 and 2010 the Fitzwilliam Museum's principal display of Greek and Roman art and archaeology was dismantled and completely re-installed.

Outreach Greece and Rome

We believe that your visit to the collections of Greece and Rome should be an engaging and interactive experience.

The Lansdowne Relief

The Lansdowne Relief is the Department of Antiquity’s newest acquisition, although it has been on loan to the Museum since 2004 and on display in the Greek and Roman Gallery since 2010.

African Combs

This project is multi-disciplinary and will combine new archaeological, anthropological and sociological research with community engagement.

Material Cultures in Public Engagement

This project seeks to contribute to the advancement of public archaeology as a theoretical discipline as well as a practice within Museums, and to further define the relationship between archaeology and the public.

Re-approaching Ancient Cyprus

A re-contextualisation and redisplay of the Fitzwilliam Museum’s collections of Ancient Cypriot artefacts to reflect the close affinities of the island of Cyprus with its neighbours, particularly the Aegean, Near Eastern and North African cultures, across time.  The project will also bring to light the fundamental role the island has played in trade across the Mediterranean region, as well as the way its insularity has shaped a unique cultural identity, allowing indigenous cultural forms to be preserved and transmitted whilst new ideas and external influences   are simultaneously assimilated.  Supported by the A. G. Leventis Foundation.

Cambridge Theban Tombs Project

This project, underway since 1994, documents tomb contexts and burial practice at Thebes (ancient Luxor). Recent work has focussed on ritual and burial practice within the landscape of ancient Thebes; robbery and recycling of stolen funerary goods; publication of fieldwork.

Ancient Egyptian Coffins

This project takes an integrated look at both the iconography and structure of Ancient Egyptian coffins, drawing together curatorial, conservation and scientific research, and experimental archaeology. This approach will result in a more complete history of each object. 

Being an Islander: Art and Identity of the large Mediterranean Islands

Culminating in an ambitious exhibition to be held in 2023, this project will elucidate what defines island identity in the Mediterreanean and explore how insularity affects and shapes cultural identity, using the examples of Cyprus, Crete and Sardinia.