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The Fitzwilliam Museum Society was established to encourage members' interest in the Museum and its magnificent collections and to foster interest in art and architecture. It is £10 for an annual membership. This includes free entry to all FMS events as well as unique members’-only opportunities. Members receive up to date information about current exhibitions and special events, exclusive talks and tours, and great opportunities to maintain links with the Museum for those interested in a career within the museums and galleries sector. Membership to FMS also provides a university-wide social network of students interested in the arts, from the dilettante to the dedicated artist.

Don't join the ranks of students who never discover the delights of an hour or more in the peaceful and stimulating galleries of the Fitzwilliam. Join the Society now!

To join the FMS mailing list and receive information about events and activities for members, simply email the Secretary at

Vist the Society's website