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General Information

Visitors to the Founder’s Library are not permitted to bring large items of luggage to their appointment (there are lockers provided at the Courtyard/Street Level Entrance or a bag check at the Main/Founder’s Entrance).  Coats, small briefcases or bags can be stored in Founder’s Library, which is kept locked at all times.

To ensure the safety of our collections, bottles of ink, correcting fluid, coloured or soft drawing media and other potentially damaging substances may not be brought into the Founder’s Library.  Notes can be made only in pencil or written on personal laptops or tablets.  Eating, drinking (even of water), smoking* and/or vaping* are not permitted within the Founder’s Library.  Nail extensions and coloured nail polish are not permitted.

Visitors are requested to wash their hands before arriving at the Founder’s Library. If this has been neglected they will be asked to do so before sitting down at the tables.  Washrooms are located at basement level to wash hands.

All visitors must sign the Visitor Book upon arrival, produce photographic ID on their first visit, and a letter of recommendation (where applicable).


Consulting the works

The marking of any work or the removal of any work, reference book or object file from the Founder’s Library is strictly forbidden.

The staff member on duty will have the material you have requested at the time of appointment ready for you when you arrive.  Please remember that you will be handling original manuscripts or archival works, and that these should be treated with the utmost care.  The surface of any illustration or text must never be touched. 

The correct handling procedure will be demonstrated to you on your first visit.  All bound material must be consulted upon the foam mounts provided, and handling procedures followed as instructed.  If you are handling mounted material always handle objects by the edge of the mount and always keep the object facing upwards.   Single-leaf archival material housed in clear sleeves should not be removed from the sleeves.  If you need to look at a multi-page item in a sleeve, please seek further advice from the Invigilator, who will be happy to help you access the material safely.



Access to the collections is provided on the understanding that readers respect the Museum’s ownership and its consequent rights to publication and reproduction. Applications to publish or reproduce material from the collections must be addressed to the Image Library, giving full details of the material to be reproduced and the publication in which it is to appear.  Staff will be pleased to try to answer further questions regarding copyright.  In cases in which it is not vested in the Museum, the Museum disclaims responsibility for infringement.



Visitors are permitted to take photographs for research purposes of some of the material in the collections, but restrictions do apply, notably in the case of bound material, and illuminated manuscripts.  Please seek further advice from the Founder’s Library Supervisor.  If you are permitted to image material, you will be asked to keep a record of the images you take, and sign a copyright disclaimer. Photographic orders should be placed with the Image Library.



*Not permitted on University grounds.