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Q. How do I best take care of my old painting / books / furniture etc. ?

The best way to keep your artwork safe is to ensure good storage conditions and safe handling. Many other museums already provide valuable advice on the topic which is why we would like to refer to these sources:
Institute for Conservation (ICON) provides leaflets on how to care for specific artefacts 
More in-depth information can be found on the ‘Caring for Your Possessions’ page of the Victoria and Albert Museum
Practical guidance on how to care for collections in historic houses can be found in The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping: Care and conservation of collections in historic houses. (ISBN:  978-1907892189).  

Q. I have a damaged piece of art, can you give any advice?

We are unfortunately not able to advise or carry out any work on private collections. Please contact a private conservator. You can find a conservator through the ICON Conservation Register

Q. Do you do behind the scenes tours?

We occasionally offer tours of our conservation spaces as part of special events which will be advertised in the ‘What’s on’.

We welcome conservators and specialists from the field, as well as conservation students, to visit by prior arrangement.  

Please address inquiries to:

Conservation General enquiries:
Tel: 01223 332900



Q. I would like to become a conservator or heritage scientist – where can I get more information?

There are various training possibilities to become a conservator in the UK. For more information and a list of institutions that offer training in conservation please visit the ICON homepage.

The University of Cambridge Museums offer a work-experience taster day and the conservation work-experience week – please click here for details.


Q. How do I find a private conservator for my artworks?

You can find a conservator through the ICON Conservation Register.

Q. Do you offer internships or other training possibilities in conservation or heritage science?

We do offer a limited amount of internships every year. You can find further information here.