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Money and its Use in Medieval Europe – Two Decades On. A Symposium in Honour of Peter Spufford, (Queens' College, Cambridge, 16-17 September 2010)

The Debasement of Coinage in Medieval Europe and the Mediterranean, c. 1000-1500, (6-7 September 2007)

Sceat Symposium, 8 April 2006

A Celebration of the Life of Philip Grierson, 14 March 2006

A Symposium for Philip Grierson, 14 March 2006

Interpreting Anglo-Saxon Coinage

Roma Caput Mundi Conference, 7-8 September 2005

Indian Study Days

The Sultanate Coinages, 24 June 2000

Pseudo-Mughal Coinage, 12 June 1999

The Mughals and their Contemporaries, 13 June 1998

Cambridge Numismatic Symposia

Gods, Graves and Numismatics, 12-13 March 1999

Local Coins, Foreign Coins: Italy and Europe 10th to 15th centuries, 28 Feb-1 March 1997

Coinage in Norman Italy: Numismatics and History, 1 March 1996