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A world of private mystery: John Craxton, RA (1922-2009)


Tue 3 December 2013 to Mon 21 April 2014
Mellon Gallery

A fresh retrospective on John Craxton - from his beginnings as a young hope of post-war British art, creating dark, meditative images of the natural world, to works of incredible vibrancy, light and colour from his later life in Crete.

John Craxton is appreciated by connoisseurs as one of the great British artists of the 20th century; however, his work is not widely known to the public. This is the first exhibition to explore his whole life; arranged in the Fitzwilliam’s Mellon gallery it features a carefully chosen selection of over sixty of Craxton's finest pictures illustrating the constant evolution of his painting.

Late opening Friday 11 April: A Taste of Greece

See the exhibition until 20:00 with music and Greek food in the Courtyard. There will be two free tours of the exhibition at 18:15 and 17:15.

For the full event programme click here.

Pictured above: John Craxton, Reclining figure with asphodels 1 (detail), 1983-4. © Estate of John Craxton

Find out more about John Craxton in the online gallery.


Slide show images in order: Installation photo centering on Landscape with the elements, 1973-5; John Craxton painting Pastoral for P.W., 1948; Landscape with Derelict Windmill, 1958; Poet in Landscape, 1941; Still Life with Cat and Child, 1959; Installation photo centering on Galatas, 1947;Three Dancers - Poros, 1953-4; All images (c) estate of John Craxton.

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The Fitzwilliam Museum is a partner in the BBC/Public Catalogue Foundation's Your Paintings initiative, which features images of works by John Craxton:

In 2011, BBC Culture Show programme made a John Craxton film which is showing at the Museum alongside the exhibition. This three minute video is presented by Sir David Attenborough:

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