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Bordering the Black Sea: Greeks, 'Barbarians' and their Coins

Drawn largely from the Fitzwilliam Museum's world-class numismatic collection, the first UK exhibition on this theme will explore the history of the Greek colonies on the shores of the Black Sea, their interaction with indigenous peoples, including Scythians and Thracians, and their visual traditions through the remarkable imagery on coinage of the area from the 6th century BC to the Roman period.

Devised to complement From the Land of the Golden Fleece: Tomb Treasures from Ancient Georgia, it will showcase gold and silver coins from Greek colonies in that area, present unusual forms of currency such as dolphins and arrowheads, and include regional coinages imitating types of the Macedonian kings Philip II, Alexander the Great and later Hellenistic rulers.

Thu 2 October 2008 to Sun 4 January 2009
Octagon Gallery (Gallery 10)