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Supporting the expedition

workingRaising money for archaeological work is never easy. We have completed the primary fieldwork and the remaining expenses in the field for the final short season in September 2002 were not great. However, the whole project has now cost in the region of £64,000 for ten years' work in the field.

However there is still much work to be done at home, some of which is going to require further expenditure. For example, drawings still have to be completed and photographs printed. Some technical assistance may be needed in the production of the CD-ROM I wish to include in the publication, and there are also costs involved with the storage and archiving of the digital data created by the project. If we want to include some colour photographs in the printed publication, then it will be necessary to provide a subsidy to pay for this. The costs I can guess at present are:

Photos and drawings: £2,000
Colour plate subsidy: £2,000-4,000

Please contact us if you are able to help us in any way. For example, if you know a society or group which might be able to participate in a fund-raising day, then let us know. We would be most glad to explain more if needed.

You can contact Nigel Strudwick by email, or by telephoning (UK) 1223 207434.

Funding acknowledgements

Grant awarding bodies: the British Academy and the AHRB, the Gerald Averey Wainwright Fund for Near Eastern Archaeology, the Thomas Mulvey Egyptology Fund, the Townley Group of the British
Museum Friends, the Society of Antiquaries of London.

Societies: the Sussex College of Egyptology, the Thames Valley Egyptology Society, ARCE SC, the Egypt Exploration Organization of Southern California.

Individuals: Mrs S. Sparrow, Mr R Hardy, Wim Hance, Noel Sweitzer, Mr & Mrs A.W. Ladd, Dr Joseph S. Klemek, Robin Young.

Figures as at March 2002

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