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The tomb of Senneferi is one of the 'Tombs of the Nobles' on the West Bank at Luxor in Egypt.

In these pages you can find out about fieldwork project in Egypt from 1992 to 2002: what the tomb is, how archaeology is done, what we find, and many other things!

Front of tomb Picture of Bes Snake
Digging Statue Mummy

If you have come across this page and aren't sure what the 'Tombs of the Nobles' are, then you might like to have a look at a general introduction to the subject. 

Objects from TT99 now on exhibition in the Cairo Museum!

The tomb of Senneferi was used a project study at Galston High School in Australia in 1999. Take a look at the web site!

TT99 was used by the British Museum and the City Learning Centre of Tower Hamlets in London for teaching children archaeology. Look at their web site 'E-Dig Egypt'! Also a review [both URLs now offline].

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