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Query Strings

SF_autoprepend.php processes any querystrings passed in on any URI.

SF Query strings mostly start with sf_function=, or sf_f= for short, followed by a defined 'function keyword'.

Operational Query Strings

Text Only

sf=function=textonly (sf_f=t for short) loads the page, processes it for text only, outputs it and exits


sf_function=print (sf_f=p for short) changes the header (defaultprintheader.html) footer (defaultprintfooter.html) and css (defaultprint.css) and then processes the page 'normally'.

Maintenance Query Strings


debug=[0|1|2|3] changes the debugging display output. Obviously this should not be used in a production environment and the ability to change the debug level via the querystring can be disabled in SF_autoappend.php by changing the starting value for the $sfdebug global to -1.

Turning on debugging automatically turns off caching for this page.

debug=0 is off and debug=3 is the most verbose.

Time/Cache Display

sf_f=time will turn on a processing time and cache status display which is output on the bottom right of the page, e.g

Page rendered in 0.0126 seconds (CachingOff)

Forcing a Cache clear

sf_f=force will force this page to be processed and not delivered from cache (if it every was).
It clears the cache for this page and also turns on the Time/Cache Display



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