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As of V1.2 SF can cache pages to improve delivery performance and, probably more importantly, to reduce the processing load on the server by alleviating the need for the server to actually process 'every page, every hit'.

SF caching is based on the Cache-Lite PHP PEAR package.

Caching within SF is configurable to the extent that it can be:

  • turned on and off globally (off by default) ;
  • configured to exclude certain files, paths or 'part-paths'; and
  • configured using any parameters which the Cache_Lite_Output class understands
    (directory to cache to, cache expiry times etc).

There are also some simple built-in tools to check/test the caching state of a page and also the ability to force a page to be updated in the cache.

see also: Caching Installation, Getting Cache status information




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