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OAI-PMH Data Provision Services

This page contains some details about The Fitzwilliam Museum's use of the Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH) to provide data services, and some projects we have been involved in.

Currently we have two data sources which are OAI-PMH enabled:

  • the Object Catalogue (or Online Public Access Catalogue - OPAC) - read more about OPAC. This service allow us to supply records from the OPAC as a data-source for harvesting. We can also define sub-sets for harvesting (e.g. all scarabs).
  • the Corpus of Early Medieval Coin (EMC) Finds - read more about EMC.

We currently restrict access to the services for two reasons:

  • firstly, we have found that data not 'mapped' as required for your application often gives undesirable results, we therefore like to work with you to ensure our data is suitable for your use, and
  • secondly, we prefer to have a simple agreement with harvesters about when harvesting can take place etc (and this is mainly to ensure our production web servers are not loaded by 'data harvesting work' at peak times).

Further information about various projects:

If you wish to know more, or access our OAI services, please contact:

IT Office,
The Fitzwilliam Musuem
phone: +44 (0)1223 332900

We gratefully acknowledge prior JISC funding support,
through the Harvesting the Fitzwilliam project,
for the establishment of our OAI services

OPAC Dublin Core


Standard OAI delivery set

Peoples Network Discovery Service


This is a specific feed to supply data to the Peoples Network Discovery Service


  • 29Oct2005 - Significant x-walk revisions
  • 19Oct2005 - PNDS launched to public
  • Jun2005 - first cross-walk developed and harvesting took place


Crosswalk, V1.0, Jun2005 (XML).

Crosswalk, V1.2, 29Oct2005 (XML, contains change history).

Example PNDS layout results, in no particular order, (as at 29Oct2005) through OPAC:

Example raw OAI response (restricted access).




Anglo-Saxon coin records for delivery through PASE


  • not sure when data will be available in live service
  • original crosswalk and access provided mid 2005



EMC record set for delivery through ADS


  • cross-walks updated and some discussions on how to best use EMC data (e.g. in Heirport) without the volume (>50,000 records) 'polluting' the overall dataset
  • original cross-walks and access provided mid 2004