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Unknown (potter)


Oscar Raphael


glazed earthenware
Islamic pottery (sub-category)lustreware (sub-category)






fritware covered in a white glaze painted with lustre

buff fritware, probably wheel thrown covered in a white glaze painted with yellow lustre Shape: conical bowl with a slightly out-turned rim sitting on a low, wide foot ring. Interior: the rim is painted with crescents echoed below by a scalloped line. On the body a hare, with a leafed branch suspended from its mouth, is outlined with a single line. In the background, four irregular cartouche are also outlined with a single line are painted against ‘V’ shapes. Exterior: on the body a series of four sets of concentric circles, of which the inner most contains dashed lines, is painted on a background of dotted lines. On the underside of the base an inscription is painted in lustre. Glaze extends over the surface with the exception of the rim of the foot ring.

Production Place

Iraq (potter) (country) ()

Technique Description

buff fritware, probably wheel thrown covered in a white glaze painted with yellow lustre


height: (whole): 6 cm
width: (whole): 19.3 cm
diameter: (rim): 19.3 cm
diameter: (base): 7.8 cm
weight: (whole): 245 g


10th Century


circa 900 to 999


bequeathed: Raphael, Oscar C. 1905-04-24 (Filtered for: Applied Arts collection)

Bought from George Talbargh, Nov. 1927 by Oscar Raphael. Bequeathed by Oscar Raphael, 1941, received 1946

Oscar Raphel Bequest


  1. inscription
    Position: interior body
    Method: painted in lustre
    Content: ‘baraka’ (repeated 3X), ‘li-sahibihi’ (repated 1X)
    Description: contained within cartouche against a background of 'V' shapes, painted directly onto the surface
    Language: Arabic
    Translation: blessings to the owner
  2. inscription
    Position: exterior base (underside of foot ring)
    Method: painted in lustre
    Description: painted directly onto the glaze surface
    Interpretation: painter's mark
    Language: Arabic
  3. label
    Position: exterior base (underside of foot ring)
    Method: hand written in black ink
    Content: 18
    Description: circular paper label
    Interpretation: possibly old object label


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Other Notes

Accession Number

OC.146-1946 (Applied Arts)
(Reference Number: 77575; Input Date: 2004-03-11 / Last Edit: 2011-05-04)

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