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Unknown (potter)


Frank Brangwyn Collection


fritware (stonepaste)
Islamic pottery (sub-category)lustreware (sub-category)






fritware painted in lustre over a glaze coloured with blue, metal lid and collar

fritware, moulded, painted in lustre on a white glaze coloured with blue topped with a copper alloy lid Shape: pear-shaped bottle on a low foot ring with an elongated cylindrical neck and lid that joined by a chain (now broken). Exterior: on the neck floral sprays above a frieze of triangles. On the body peacocks are painted within a landscape of cypress trees and floral spays, a rectangle with attached curving lines may represent a stylised river. A concentric band is painted on the foot; the underside of the base is covered with glaze which is white, unlike the blue colouration on the body. Scar marks on the base indicate the use of a tripod stacking device in the kiln.

Production Place

Iran (potter) (country)

Iranian (potter) (nationality)

Technique Description

fritware, moulded, painted in lustre on a white glaze coloured with blue topped with a copper alloy lid


height: (whole): 25.5 cm
width: (whole): 13.8 cm
diameter: (rim): 2.6 cm
diameter: (base): 8.3 cm
weight: (whole): 674 g


17th Century


circa 1600 to 1699


bought: Brangwyn, Frank 1935 (Filtered for: Applied Arts collection)

Frank Brangwyn RA, from whom purchased

Purchased with the Glaisher Fund


  1. label
    Position: exterior base (underside of foot ring)
    Method: printed, typed, hand written
    Content: 'Lent By' (printed); 'Brangwyn' (typed), '153' hand written in black, '123' hand written in pencil (encircled in the top left hand corner) and ‘115’ (crossed through on the right hand side).
    Description: Rectangular paper label with serrated edge around all but left hand edge
    Interpretation: Possibly Victoria and Albert Museum label
    Language: English
  2. inscription
    Position: exterior base (underside of foot ring)
    Method: hand written in black
    Content: 153
    Description: painted directly onto vessel surface
    Interpretation: old object number


  1. Watson, Oliver (2004) Ceramics from Islamic Lands, London: Thames & Hudson [page: 448-481]
    [comments: Cf. lustre ware bottles with similar decoration on a blue glaze see Cat.U.36 (p. 480) and on a white glaze see Cat. U.35 (p. 479). Ref. on later Iranian pottery]
  2. Watson, Oliver (1988) Ceramics, London: Faber and Faber Limited [page: 137-286]
    Source title: Islamic art in the Keir Collection (
    [comments: Cf. Safavid lustre with similar bird in landscape painted in lustre on a coloured glaze see catralogue number 83i (colour plate 51, p. 224). Ref. on Safavid lustre]
  3. Fehervari, Geza (2000) Ceramics of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum, London and New York: I.B. Tauris Publishers [page: 289-292]
    [comments: Cf. lustre vessel with landscape scene see catalogue no. 352, CER 700TSR (p. 290). Ref. on Safavid lustre]

Other Notes

Accession Number

C.140-1935 (Applied Arts)
(Reference Number: 71933; Input Date: 2004-03-11 / Last Edit: 2011-04-28)

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