Harvesting the Fitzwilliam

This project is now complete. These pages are provided for reference and are no longer updated.



Project Cluster Group



HTF Project Staff

The HTF project is lead by Project Director, Margaret Greeves, and the HTF Project Steering Committee:

· Project Director (chair, Margaret Greeves, Keeper of Administration)
· Director, AHDS/ADS (Sheila Anderson), or representative
· Keeper Coins and Medals (Mark Blackburn), or representative
· Keeper Antiquities (Lucilla Burn), or representative
· Computer Manager (David Shaw, Shaun Osborne)
· Project Manager (Shaun Osborne)
· JISC FAIR programme representative (ex-officio, currently Chris Awre)

The HTF project team members are:

· Coins and Medals, Research Assistant (Cressida Finch, Evangeline Markou)
· Antiquities, Research Assistant (Helen Strudwick)
· Photography Department representative (Andrew Morris)
· Coins and Medals, Programming Contractor (Richard Hodges)
· AHDS representative (Andrew Speakman)
· ADS representative (William Kilbridge)
· Documentation Manager (David Scruton)
· Technical aspects (David Shaw, Shaun Osborne, Dave Gunn)


Please make initial contact through Shaun Osborne, project manager (e-mail: smo30@cam.ac.uk, tel: 01223 66994).

Other Fitzwilliam Museum staff involved in the project can be contacted via:

The Fitzwilliam Museum
Trumpington Street,
Cambridge CB2 1RB
Tel: 01223 332900 (switch)
Fax: 01223 332923

Please use links on the left for up to date contact details for JISC, AHDS and ADS.

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