Harvesting the Fitzwilliam

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Project Cluster Group



FAIR Museums and Images Cluster Group Meeting

Hosted by Sheila Anderson, AHDS
9th July 2003

Minutes: Martha Brundin, modifications Shaun Osborne, Feb04


  • Sheila Anderson (chair), AHDS;
  • David Dawson, Resource;
  • Seamus Ross, HATTI;
  • Chris Awre, JISC;
  • John Mahoney, BioMed;
  • Roy McKeown, Petrie Museum;
  • Margaret Greeves, Fitzwilliam Museum;
  • Martha Brundin, AHDS;
  • Shaun Osborne, Fitzwilliam Museum.

Apologies received from:

  • Jill Evans, BioMed (John Mahoney attending in her place)
  • Gregory Simpson, AHDS

Minutes from the previous meeting were accepted as an accurate record of proceedings.

Progress Reports

Progress reports were delivered by each project representative.

User Evaluation

Background Brief

What is actually being evaluated?
Consider object versus image as learning objects. Not instead of, but in addition to, therefore how is this reflected in the online presentation?
What value is added online?
How should the metadata source then be referenced to avoid plagiarism after download?
Control over how the material is used?
Anticipate outcome measures that might arise from these issues- are they covered by current IPR? What changes/new outcomes might result?
How to evaluate the outcome on a short term basis?
Outcomes are qualitative and long term.
How to collect user statistics- a registration survey as a log-on requirement?
Evaluate processes as much as outcomes.

Action: Shaun to summarize this for Chris/JISC.

Work Packages

Background Brief

Deliverables = issues papers- common issues across the projects, for publication. Costed within existing projects. Is this the way to proceed?

Action: Put together a timeframe with priorities.

1,2 & 3 might have the greatest impact on the museum community. 4. could be done at project end. Avoid duplication of effort.

1. Petrie- Museum Metadata
2. Fitzwilliam- OAI and Image Harvesting
3. AHDS- Cross collection service provision

Other issues- IPR:

Action: Eileen Maitland's work in this area to be circulated for discussion in the Cluster Group.

Action: Prior to next meeting, lead contact details at each institution to be circulated, with main interests for other involvement.

Consider possible involvement with other cluster groups where subject matter coincides.

Next Meeting
Thursday, December 11th, 12 noon in Cambridge - cancelled
Rescheduled to 5Mar2004, 12 noon in London.


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