Harvesting the Fitzwilliam

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Project Cluster Group



FAIR Projects Cluster Meeting - 5Mar2004


A project meeting of JISC-FAIR Museum and Images Cluster Group was held on the 5Mar2004 at the AHDS Offices, London. This is a brief record of issues and tasks raised at the meeting.


1. Apologies
2. Previous Minutes
3. Brief Project Updates
4. Issues Papers discussion
5. A.O.B

Attendees and Apologies

Roy McKeown (RM), Seamus Ross (SR), Chris Awre (CA), Margaret Markland (MM), Paul Miller (PM), David Dawson (DD), Sheila Anderson (SA), Margaret Greeves (MG), Shaun Osborne (SO).

Apologies: Jill Evans

Chair: Margaret Greeves

Margaret welcomed everyone and thanked SA for hosting the meeting again. Special welcomes to Margaret Markland and Paul Miller.

Previous Minutes


Projects Updates and Introductions

Margaret Markland, Research Fellow, Centre for Research in Library and Information Management, CERLIM. EDNER project to close in July, EDNER+ currently under taking a review of all project plans in the JISC Information Environment.

Paul Miller, JISC, Director of the Common Information Environment (CIE) and FAIR Advisory Board member.

Roy McKeown, Petrie Museum, Project: Accessing the Virtual Museum. 80,000 objects with legacy data from DCF collections management work. 2nd round of DCF funding coming to an end. Work being carried out under JISC-FAIR to revisit data with regard to specialisms in egyptology. Also Ken Dark and Anthea Harris reviewing approximately 3000-4000 coptic object records. Metadata to be OAI harvested by ADS. Project due to finish in July.

Shaun Osborne, Fitzwilliam Museum, Project: Harvesting the Fitzwilliam. Create 50,000 new object records, and approximately 100,000 digital images (images for approx 30,000 object). Make 100,000 records available for OAI harvesting via AHDS. Project on final phase, to end in July. Some staff resourcing issues (2 staff lost). Looking carefully at sustainability and synergies i.e. DSPACE.

RS commented that there may be issue with DSPACE particularly: hard to build, many components therefore difficult to maintain. FEDORA is another possible for digital reposititories as well as SRB/grid technologies.

CA noted that preservation reports are due soon and that commercial preservation systems very expensive.

Sheila Anderson, AHDS. Project: Partial Deposit. Manage and preserve in distributed systems. Developing general process model and implementation process model. Looking into metadata issues (support OAI and Z39.50, extend OAI beyond DC? cross searching to object level has lots of issues, what about and what is preservation metadata?). Looking at technologies (OAI and Z39.50 being trialled with partners, hotbed project with Courtald, preservation - how to sync preservation copies with original repositories, risk assessment - at an early stage). Looking at legal frameworks (licencing, IPR issues, 'creative commons')

CA - re 'Creative Commons'. Official project in Oxford and JISC 'share alike' group. Two groups now aware of each other.

Chris Awre representing Project: BioMed Image Archive. Image Archive has been established at ILRT, Bristol for five years. Under FAIR:
- rebuild system to include self-archiving, good progress, release in a month or so
- many medical image implications and issues: patient permissions, university permissions, need to satisfy wider community, these issues are beyond the timetable of the JISC project.
- rights issues, many guidelines now available
- is there system applicability to general community self-archiving? e.g. BECTA community programs? may not be so applicable in academic environment
- CELT centre - HEFCE call - pathology involvement from UoC

CA - JISC-FAIR programme meeting proposed 6-7 July, Brighton, to be co-hosted with JISC-CNI meeting.
Action Item - Proposed SO present issue papers presentation to JISC-FAIR programme meeting

Issue Papers

Roy McKeown. Metadata (draft paper).
Overview: Concern on how to practically get to the 'wonderful world' (of cross domain searching). DC probably has uses for cultural objects. Highlighted paper is very draft. For metadata there needs to be knowledge of the intended service provision. Maybe a move towards Collection Level Description (CLD).
CIMI guide provides assistance for mapping cultural objects to DC
CLD - depth of records, CLD based on what? maintenance of CLD, user needs of a CLD.

Sheila Anderson. Cross Domain Searching (draft paper)
Overview: Different standards in different disciplines, what's the purpose of the desired interoperability (audience needs)? Subject classification important and can also change or be different for different specialisms.

Shaun Osborne. Images in Harvesting Model (draft paper).
Overview: Issues surrounding image provision in the harvesting model fall into four broad categories: audience needs; image creation; copyright and IPR issues; and technical implementation.


DD - gave a summary of the 24 hour museum pilot. Currently challenges: ISO dates not working, GIS, publication place.

Action Item - SO to distribute URL of 24hr museum test site to members. This will not be distributed further as agreed by all at the meeting.

All - Is 24hr museum an example of the type of work which could be carried out in the HE environment? i.e. Coptic portal? 7th century portal? where technology does the 'drudge' work and allows more time for interpretation.
Cornucopia, RLSP examples of 'joined up' searching using collection level descriptions.
Should services be built to user needs or user needs be accommodated by using personalisation services?
CIMI to ceased operations in Dec03 (www.cimi.org)
CA- raised whether Service Provision Issues Paper was to be produced. No one project felt it had the resources to tackle this task. Decided to author jointly with Chris Awre as lead.

Action Item - CA to provide outline for issues paper on 'Service Provision' and all projects to provide input/content/comments back to Chris by a nominated date.

Action Item - All to provide feedback to 'managing authors' (listed above) of draft issues papers (metadata, images and cross domain searching) by 14May04.

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