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Project Cluster Group



FAIR Projects Cluster Meeting - 24Jan2003


A project meeting of 3 JISC-FAIR projects (Virtual Museum, Partial Deposit, Harvesting the Fitzwilliam) in the Museum and Images cluster was held on the 24Jan2003 at the Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge. This is a brief record of issues and tasks raised at the meeting. The agenda, attendees and purpose are recorded in meeting materials.

Issues raised

Discussions were wide ranging; from access and use to project and technical details.

A summarised snapshot of issues discussed includes:

Use and Access

  • usability and sustainability
  • who are the user communities and what sort of (search) interfaces are required to serve them (e.g. academic [school, FE, HE, students, teachers, researchers], general public)
  • how to use vocabularies and terminology to aid access

Technical and Implementation

  • What kind of metadata, formats, its granularity and harvesting mechanisms (need for collection level descriptions?
  • how images fit into the harvesting framework (copyright, bandwidth, discovery versus access to image, how to handle thumbnails)
  • vocabularies and terminology implementation

Preparation and Project

  • the need for 'data-cleansing' by specialist curators to prepare for metadata provision
  • project issues (the need to document learning, information dissemination and promotion, evaluation of project)


  • are there other opportunities for publication (e.g. printed)?

Tasks raised

  • Next meeting to be held late May early June at AHDS in London (Sheila)
  • Send CIMI Spectrum-XML and information on thesauri to Andrew and Malcom (Shaun)
  • ADS to begin gathering information on 'collection level descriptions' (William)
  • That the cluster should set up contact with the 24 hr museum project


Meeting Materials


10:15-10:30 Arrivals

10.30 -12:00 Introductions· To the project and its status, from AHDS, ADS and Fitzwilliam perspectives · To each person attending and their role in the projectMargaret Greeves, Project Director, Harvesting the Fitzwilliam (HTF), will chair. Representatives from AHDS and ADS will speak for a few minutes each. Each participant will then be asked to give a brief introduction to themselves (background, involvement/interests in the projects and any issues arising from their perspective).(Tea and coffee will be available during this session)

12:00 - 1:00 'Show and Tell'A mini-guided tour of the museum and demo of technology systems related to the project.

1:00-1:30 'Talking Lunch'. Opportunity for participants to have a short break, and less formal discussion with colleagues over sandwiches.

1:30-2:30 'Big Picture'. A discussion for project leaders on issues important to the project, such as copyright, contracts, technology and any issues raised in advance or identified in earlier sessions.


· Margaret Greeves, Harvesting the Fitzwilliam (HTF) Project Director,
Keeper of Administration, Fitzwilliam Museum

· Sally-Ann Ashton, Assistant Keeper Antiquities, Fitzwilliam Museum
· Sheila Anderson, Director, Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS)
· Tony Austin, Technical Manager, Archaeology Data Service (ADS)
· Mark Blackburn, Keeper Coins and Medals, Fitzwilliam Museum
· Lucilla Burn, Keeper Antiquities, Fitzwilliam Museum
· Cressida Finch, Coins and Medals Research Assistant, Fitzwilliam Museum
· William Kilbride, User Services Manager, Archaeology Data Service (ADS)
· Roy McKeown, Petrie Museum, University College London
· Shaun Osborne, HTF Project Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum
· Malcolm Polfreman, Information Officer, AHDS
· David Scruton, Documentation Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum
· David Shaw, Computer Manager, Fitzwilliam Museum
· Andrew Speakman, Technical Services Manager, AHDS
· Helen Strudwick, Antiquities Research Assistant, Fitzwilliam Museum


The intended purpose for this introductory meeting is to:

  • provide an opportunity for the wider project teams to meet (many staff involved in projects have not yet had the opportunity to meet);
  • gain a brief understanding of the interface between the projects and complimentary work in each organisation involved;
  • assign responsibilities within each organisation for specific issues (e.g. contracts, copyright); and
  • to assign any specific tasks identified during the meeting to an individual or organisation.

HTF Project Supporting Information

Project website available at: http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/htf/
Project plan available at http://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/htf/docs/wwwJISCProjectPlanv1.6.doc


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