Harvesting the Fitzwilliam

This project is now complete. These pages are provided for reference and are no longer updated.



Project Cluster Group



Museum and Images Cluster Group

FAIR Projects are grouped into clusters to provide a joint forum in which to explore ideas and issues (FAIR Projects WWW page).

The FAIR Museum and Images cluster group projects are:

  • Accessing the Virtual Museum
  • BioMed Image Archive
  • Harvesting the Fitzwilliam
  • Hybrid Archives

Administrative arrangements for cluster group are:

  • Cluster Group Chair. Rotating chair: Sheila Anderson (London meetings) and Margaret Greeves (Cambridge meetings).
  • Cluster Group Committee (one person per project). Jill Evans (BioBank), Roy McKeown (Virtual Museum), Sheila Anderson (Partial Deposit), Margaret Greeves (Harvesting the Fitzwilliam), Chris Awre, FAIR programme manager.
  • Two independent members for cluster committee. David Dawson (MLA), Seamus Ross (HATII)
  • Invited guests (generally 2-4 per meeting, e.g project managers for particular topics, FAIR board members)
  • Main cluster contact person for each project:
    • Jill Evans (BioMed),
    • Roy McKeown (Virtual Museum),
    • Malcolm Polfreman (Hybrid Archives),
    • Shaun Osborne (Harvesting the Fitzwilliam).
  • Meeting frequency. Twice yearly.

Cluster Group Documents:

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