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Progress of the work: October 2004

Coffin group of Nespawershefy The first phase of the project involves the removal of objects from the galleries.

In mid-November a partition will be constructed between the old Gayer-Anderson Gallery (gallery 20) and the Greek Gallery (gallery 21). So, it is imperative that we move the larger objects as soon as possible, before it becomes impossible to get directly into the Greek Gallery.

The largest objects we have are the coffins, including the coffin group of Nespawershefi which consists of the outer coffin, inner coffin and mummy board from this burial. Their old, stacked display must be dismantled and the parts moved to safe storage.





Andrew and coffin of Nespawershefy

Coffin of Nespawershefy transported through courtyard


With the kind help of colleagues from Applied Arts and Paintings, Drawings and Prints, the coffins are manoeuvred on to stretchers which are placed on wheels, before being transported through the museum, including the new courtyard area, to the racking where they will be stored for the time being.

Coffin of Nespawershefy reaching storage area