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Progress of the work: November 2004


Moving the coffin of Pakepu

Preparations continue for building the partition between the Egyptian and the Greek galleries. The last remaining coffin stack has to be moved to storage.

Our Roman mummy also must be moved, but this requires a special device. Click here to see how this was done.


North end of Greek Gallery with cases protected

In the Greek gallery, we have to take the objects out of the cases near the Egyptian Gallery and the cases themselves must be boarded over. This is to protect them whilst the materials for the partition are being brought in to the gallery and also whilst it is built.

Ramesses III sarcophagus lid wrapped in protective material Meanwhile, the sarcophagus lid of Ramesses III is covered over with a special protective material (closed cell cross-linked polyethylene foam).


At the same time, other large stone objects are being moved out of the gallery. Some of them are taken down to the museum basement, whilst others take up temporary homes in one of the corridors in the Antiquities Department, under the front steps of the museum.


    Moving a stone object
Stone objects in the corridor


After the stone objects have been removed, the plinths on which they stood are taken out of the gallery too. In some instances, this means actually breaking the plinths up.

Removing the remains of an old wooden plinth


Moving a limestone relief on to a fork-lift

Some of our objects are built in to the old cases, and so the whole display has to be dismantled to be able to get the objects out. Click here to see one of the old displays as it was originally and in the course of being deconstructed.