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Gobelet litron et soucoupe

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Gobelet litron et soucoupe


Sèvres Porcelain Manufactory (factory)

Noël, Guillaume (painter) [ULAN info: French porcelain painter, 1734/5-1804, op.1755-1804]


L.C.G. Clarke


soft-paste porcelain
teaware (sub-category)






Louis XVI


Soft-paste porcelain cup and saucer, painted in enamels with mauve and white stripes, and with wreaths, bows, and posies in reserves, and gilded

Soft-paste porcelain painted in blue, green, yellow, pink, red, and mauve enamels, and gilded. Cylindrical cup with double-curved handle. Circular saucer with flat central area and deep, sloping sides. There is a hole for suspension in the footring of each piece.The cup has a ground of mauve stripes, each flanked by a gold line, a blue line and a line of gold dots, alternating with reserved white stripes decorated with small gold floral sprays. Encircling the cup there are two large and two small shaped reserves linked to each other. The two large ones contain wreaths of laurel leaves and red berries tied at the top with a bow of mauve ribbon from which is suspended a posy of three pink roses and leaves. The wreaths are linked by swags passing through the two small reserves, each composed of three posies of three pink roses linked by sprays of leaves. There are bands of gilding round the base and rim, lines down the sides of the handle and a stylised leaf. and two bell flowers separated by spots down its back. In the centre of the saucer there are two concentric gold circles from which radiate mauve stripes like those on the cup. They end at varying distances from the centre, so that they form a cross-shape with incurved sides and ends. The sides are decorated en suite with the cup with four large reserved linked by four small, each containing a posy of three roses and leaves. There is a band of gilding round the rim.

Production Notes

This is a gobelet litron and saucer of the second size with Savill's handle shape B.

Shades of mauve, lilac, violet and purple were fashionable from 1773 and throughout the reign of Louis XVI (see Documentation, Verlet, 1953).

Production Place

Sèvres (factory) (place)

Sèvres (painter) (place)

France (factory) (country)

French (factory) (nationality)

Technique Description

soft-paste porcelain, thrown, painted in blue, green, yellow, pink, red, and mauve enamels, and gilded.


height: (cup): 7.0 cm
width: (cup including handle): 9.4 cm
diameter: (cup rim):
height: (saucer): 3.2 cm
diameter: (saucer): 13.9 cm


late 18th century
Louis XVI




given: Clarke, Louis Colville Gray 1956-07-19 (Filtered for: Applied Arts collection)

Louis Colville Gray Clarke; lent to The Fitzwilliam Museum in 1947; given by Louis Colville Gray Clarke, 1956

Given by Louis C.G. Clarke, MA


  1. factory mark
    Position: on base of cup and saucer, over a large chip on the latter
    Method: painted in pink enamel
    Content: interlaced L's enclosing Z
    Interpretation: factory mark enclosing date letter for year 1777
  2. painter's mark
    Position: on base of cup and saucer above the factory mark
    Method: in pink enamel
    Description: horizontal line, with above, a line parallel to it with a hump in the middle
    Interpretation: mark of the painter Guillaume Noël
  3. incised mark
    Position: on base of cup
    Method: incised
    Content: 3 c/
    Interpretation: possibly 39
  4. label
    Position: on base of cup
    Method: printed in black and hand-written in faed black ink
    Content: SEVRES printed and Ptr Noel/date 1777 L.C.G.C. handwritten
    Description: rectangular white paper label now buff
  5. label
    Position: on base of cup and saucer
    Method: hand-written in faded black ink
    Content: Lent by Louis C.G. Clarke/Dec.1947.
    Description: rectangular lined white paper label with cut corners now discoloured
    Interpretation: museum label to identify object as a loan
  6. label
    Position: on base of cup and saucer
    Method: hand-written in faded black ink
    Content: Louis/Clarke
    Description: rectangular white paper label with printed rectangular frame comprising a wide and a narrow blue line
    Interpretation: identified owner


  1. Savill, Rosalind (1988) The Wallace Collection, Catalogue of Sèvres Porcelain, London: Trustees of the Wallace Collection [page: 501-02]
    [comments: Ref. Vol. II, pp. 501-02, information about the gobelet litron form, including origin of term, size, handles, documentation, use]
  2. Eriksen, Svend (1968) The James A. de Rothschild Collection at Waddesdon Manor, Sèvres Porcelain, Fribourg [page: 132]
    [comments: Ref. p. 132, under no. 46 for the gobelet litron form. Eriksen gave 7 cm as first size, but see Savilll who gives first size 7.3 - 7.7 cm and second size as 6.5 - 7 cm.]
  3. Savill, Rosalind (1988) The Wallace Collection, Catalogue of Sèvres Porcelain, London: Trustees of the Wallace Collection [page: 1053-54]
    [comments: Ref. Vol. III, pp. 1053-54, for biography and work of Guillaume Noël (1734/5-1804)]
  4. Verlet, Pierre (1953) Sèvres, Le XVIIIe Siècle, Colmar, Paris [page: 22]
    [comments: Ref. p. 22 For the popularity of mauve from 1773 throughout the reign of Louis XVI]
  5. Christie's (2001) Collection Charles-Otto Zieseniss, Colmar, Paris: Christies [page: 199] 5-6 December 2001)
    [comments: Cf. p. 199, lot 294, a gobelet litron of the same pattern, with date letter for 1777 and painted by Noël. Estimate E 1,830-2745]

Other Notes

Accession Number

C.7 & A-1956 (Applied Arts)
(Reference Number: 93542; Input Date: 2003-06-02 / Last Edit: 2011-06-30)

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