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architectural element




round topped stela, with two wedjat eyes on either side of a shen sign; below is a Htp-di-nsw of Ptah and Osiris, inscribed for Snbwy (Senebuy) who held high priestly titles, including 'chief priest of his god', 'lector priest', as well as 'the great controller of craftsmen of the Lord of All' (title held by the High Priest at Memphis) and 'one whose coming to the temple is awaited on the day of the rising of Sothis', referring to celebrations at the beginning of the new year; below the inscription is Senbuy (centre) with his wife, Nubemheb (left) and his son Ra-Seth (right); the faces and feet of the figures, Senebuy's left wrist and Ra-Seth's elbow have been deliberately damaged, as has the Seth-hieroglyph in the son's name

Field Collection

Memphis ? Egypt


hieght 34 cm
width 18.5 cm
depth 4 cm


Thirteenth Dynasty
Middle Kingdom


1773 B.C. — 1648 B.C.


bought: Petrie, William Matthew Flinders, Sir (Filtered for: Antiquities)


  1. inscription
    Position: main text
    Method: incised
    Content: Htp di nsw ptH rsy inb.f nb anx-tAwy wsir nb Ddw prt-xrw t Hnqt kA Apdw Htpw DfAw m prt Hr xAyt Hr wDHw nb-(r-)Dr n kA n iry-pat HAty-a sAw r it.f m Hwt-nTr ra prt spdt wr xrp Hmwt n nb r Dr Hm-nTr aA n nTr.f Xry-Hb snbwy mAa-xrw
    Description: six lines of hieroglyphs, orientated from right to left
    Translation: An offering which the king gives (to) Ptah, South of his Wall, Lord of Ankh-Tawy (and to) Osiris, lord of Busiris, that they may give an invocation offering of bread and beer, oxen and fowl, and food offerings coming from upon the xAyt-offering table and the wDHw-offering table of the Lord of All for the ka of the 'hereditary prince and count', one whose coming to the temple is awaited on the day of the rising of Sothis, the great controller of craftsmen of the Lord of All, chief priest of his god, lector-priest, Senbuy, true of voice.
  2. inscription
    Position: in front of the woman
    Method: incised
    Content: Hmt.f mrt.f Xkrt-nswt, nbw-m-Hb (mAat-xrw)
    Description: vertical hieroglyphs, orientated from left to right, possibly sharing the mAa-xrw-signs to the left of her head
    Translation: His beloved wife, the 'royal ornament', Nubemheb (true of voice)
  3. inscription
    Position: above the head of the man at the bottom right
    Method: incised
    Content: sA ra-stX mAa-xrw
    Translation: His son, Ra-Seth, true of voice


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Accession Number

E.SS.37 (Antiquities)
(Reference Number: 63411; Input Date: 2003-03-25 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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