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Unknown (pottery)


H.S. Reitlinger


tin-glazed earthenware




maiolica arcaica


Late Medieval maiolica cup with one handle, painted in black and green with, on the inside, a shield.

Pale reddish-buff earthenware, tin-glazed beige on both sides; base unglazed. Painted in black and copper-green. Approximately Shape 21. Circular with carinated sides, narrow foot and one loop handle; the other has been broken off. Inside, within two black concentric circles, there is a shield with a green border, charged with a green fleur-de-lis, surrounded by cross-hatching. On the outside there are two panels of cross-hatching each flanked by panels of vertical lines, over a green band; on the rim, a green band, and, on the handle, a green horizontal stroke with three black strokes above and below.

Production Place

Orvieto (pottery) (place)

Umbria (pottery) (region)

Italy (pottery) (country)

Technique Description

pale reddish-buff earthenware, tin-glazed beige on both sides, base unglazed; painted in black and copper-green.


height: (whole): 5.2 cm
diameter: (foot): 3.4 cm
width: (whole): 13.1 cm


13th Century
14th Century


circa 1250 to 1350


bequeathed: Reitlinger, Henry Scipio 1950 (Filtered for: Applied Arts collection)

Probably William Ridout; H.S. Reitlinger (d.1950); the Reitlinger Trust, Maidenhead, from which transferred in 1991.

H.S. Reitlinger Bequest, 1950


  1. Honey, William Bowyer (1934) A Catalogue of the Collection of Italian and other Maiolica, Mediaeval English Pottery, Dutch, Spanish and French Faïence, and other Ceramic Wares, formed by William Ridout of London and Toronto, London [page: p. 13]
    [comments: Publ. p. 13, O. 31]
  2. Poole, Julia E. (1995) Italian Maiolica and Incised Slipware in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge, Cambridge (Cambs.): Cambridge University Press [page: pp. 53-4]
    [comments: Publ. pp. 53-4, no. 82]

Other Notes

Fleur-de-lis occur frequently on late medieval maiolica, either as independent motifs, sometimes surrounded by a contour panel, as on a two-handled cup in the Detroit Institute of Arts, or as charges on shields, as on a cup of this type formerly in the Imbert collection, a two-handled bowl in the Casina del Bessarione, Rome, and a lobed bowl in the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Orvieto. The motif also occurs on maiolica from Lazio.

Accession Number

C.104-1991 (Applied Arts)
(Reference Number: 47829; Input Date: 2002-05-17 / Last Edit: 2011-07-22)

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