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Object or Object's Relative Size Display

The object's relative size display is designed to help you visualise the actual size of an object, based on its physical dimensions stored in the online catalogue, as compared to:

  • This image represents a 6 ft (1.8 m) tall person a person standing 1.8 metres (6 feet) high
    (used for objects greater than 40 cm in height)


  • This image represents an adult hand 8 inches (20cm) high) an adult hand estimated at 20cm (8 inches) high
    (used for objects smaller than 40 cm in height)

It is intended as an aid and will always only be an approximation.

For example, the relative size display of the object you were just viewing is ..


     This image represents a 6 ft (1.8 m) tall person This image represents the relative size of the object 

Height: 97 cm (38.19 inches)
Width: 63 cm (24.8 inches)


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