Search Help: Guide to searching by manuscript number


The manuscript number is formed in different ways according to sequence or collection. Please note that punctuation and spaces are important.

• Simple numerical sequence (mss & cuttings)
e.g. MS 250

• Chronological sequence (mss & cuttings)
e.g. MS 1-2005

• Charles Fairfax Murray Collection
e.g. MS Charles Fairfax Murray 4

• Frank McClean collection
e.g. MS McClean 10

• Charles Brinsley Marlay collection (mss)
e.g. MS Marlay 1

• Charles Brinsley Marlay collection (cuttings)
e.g. Marlay cutting Fl. 2
Marlay cutting Fr. 6
Marlay cutting G. 10
Marlay cutting It. 12
Marlay cutting Z. 5