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Browsing the Catalogue

Detailed below are various browsing options for you to explore the catalogue without using a search form. These are under development and any comments you may have would be welcomed.

Text based browsing:

(alphabetical lists with links through to records with/without images)

Object Category Listing
Object Name Listing
Maker Name Listing (artists)

Founders collection

Founders Collection objects from catalogue with images
Founders collection (all records), and for further reading see
History of the museum and its collections


Feeling lucky? try a random group of objects with images

Applied Arts

Cizhou ware
Porcelain figures


Neck-Amphora Vessels
Objects identified as being from the '1st dynasty' period

Coins and Medals

Coins from the William Conte Collection (and further reading)
Gold Coins
and browse further coins series

Manuscripts and Printed Books

Folios from an Illuminated Manuscript (bible, MS 289)

Paintings Drawing and Prints

Paintings by school or style : British Dutch Flemish French German Italian Venetian School
Oil paintings
Objects associated with the term 'watercolour'
British watercolour

Drawings by school or style : Italian

Paintings, Drawings or Prints by: Barocci, Constable, Monet, Pissarro, Poussin, Titian, Van Dyck