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The Fitzwilliam Museum Live Talks

Here you will find a selection of live recordings by speakers who have given broadcast consent. Please be aware that these have not been edited.

Dr Spike Bucklow, "Brand new Old Masters: Copying paintings", Lunchtime Talk - 18 March 2015

Dr Stella Panayotova and Dr Paola Ricciardi, "Of science and art: The Grandes Heures of Phillip the Bold", Lunchtime Talk - 17 March 2015

Dr Victoria Avery, "A Michelangelo Discovery", Lunchtime Talk - 4 February 2015

Part One

Part Two

Jeremy Mulvey, "Goya and the Tradition of Anti-War Art", Lunchtime Talk - 19 November 2014

Helaine Blumenfeld, "Sculptures", Talk - 17 October 2012

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