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Collections Explorer

Search across the Museum's collections, using simple or advanced options

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Online Exhibitions

A range of online galleries of some of the Museum’s collections, ranging from illuminated manuscripts and coins to paintings and prints



A guide through the extensive collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum, illuminating a selection of the treasures it contains. Explore by theme or time.

Image["Making Art"]

Making and Conserving Art

From raw materials to masterpieces, these interactives explore the making and conservation of art. Includes processes involved in making a bronze sculpture, a 15th century panel painting, a Japanese print and a medieval manuscript.

Image["Online Publications"]

Online Publications

A range of online publications about the Museum’s collections, or research surrounding them, ranging from handlists to catalogues of specialist publications held in departments

Image["Learning Reources"]

Learning Resources

The learning resources offered by the Museum’s Education Department



Audio features, with illustrations, exploring different aspects of the Museum - available to listen to online or download to your portable device.

Image["Hidden Histories: Names and Faces"]

Hidden Histories: Names and Faces

Explore the collections of the Fitzwilliam Museum through some of the people associated with the objects

Image["A History of the World"]

A History of the World

Is there an object in the Fitzwilliam’s collection that has a special significance for you, or something that you think would help tell a 'history of the world'?

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