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News | Published: Thu 16 May 2013

ImageRe-display of Poussin’s Extreme Unction

French Art 17th - 19th centuries (Gallery 4)

Thanks to the generosity of His Grace, the Duke of Rutland, the Museum will from August 20 have the opportunity to display the three remaining paintings from Nicolas Poussin’s first series of the Seven Sacraments, painted between 1637 and 1642 for his friend and patron, Cassiano dal Pozzo.

The three paintings, representing Marriage, Confirmation and Eucharist, will be displayed in Gallery 4 along with another from the series, Extreme Unction, which the Museum acquired in 2012 (made possible by the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Art Fund, many charitable trusts and thousands of individuals). This will allow the series to be considered in the context of paintings and sculpture by artists whom Poussin knew in Rome, or whose works he would have seen there.

A series of lectures discussing Poussin’s technique, influences and the rituals of the sacraments themselves is planned for Spring 2014; details will be announced on this website and in an upcoming edition of What’s On.