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News | Published: Tue 25 Mar 2014

ImageFinal stage of building works

The main works have been to the fabric of the building. The Portico roof was previously letting in water, damaging the plasterwork ceiling and rusting the iron fixings of the giant lotuses. The ceiling has been fully restored, including the superb frieze which runs around it, with sculptures of foliage, wild animals, boys and dogs. The Museum’s vaults have also undergone greatly needed repair work.

In addition, the lighting has been improved and the steps have been equipped with handrails.

Inside the building, work has been carried out to improve the climate control system in the Dutch Gallery and the Charrington Print Room. This will ensure that the collections continue to be housed in the best possible conditions, in the most environmentally sensitive and sustainable way. In the final stages of the work, the Dutch Gallery will be re-lit and re-decorated, and all the antiquated heating and air handling systems will be replaced with state-of-the-art equipment.

Over the coming months the extraordinary cast-iron gates and spiked railings will be repaired and then repainted in their original livery of bronze, green and gold.

We are very grateful to the University of Cambridge for funding these projects. Thank you for your patience and understanding. In the meantime, the Museum remains open as usual.