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News | Published: Mon 13 Dec 2010

ImageTake a virtual step into Ancient Egypt with Museum's new online gallery interactive

This new resource, called Kemet: The Black Land allows web users become 'virtual visitors' and browse nearly 1200 objects relating to Ancient Egyptian, Sudanese, and Nubian cultures. Users can click on those that interest them most to discover more, or browse by time period or theme.

One key aim of the project, says its creator Dr Sally-Ann Ashton (Senior Assistant Keeper of Antiquities at the Fitzwilliam Museum), is to encourage people to see Egypt as part of Africa, and of wider African culture. "We've named the virtual gallery Kemet: The Black Land as 'Kemet' was one of the names that the Ancient indigenous people called what we now know as Egypt. The term is now more widely used to describe an African-focused approach to the study of this culture."

The virtual gallery will greatly widen access to these exceptional collections, and it is hoped that the resource will be of interest to schools, hospitals and for people who are unable to visit the Fitzwilliam Museum in person.

The gallery was funded by the HLF Your Heritage Grant scheme and MLA Renaissance, and was developed by Weston Digital Imaging.