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News | Published: Tue 9 Dec 2008

ImageThis week only: special William Blake display

The Fitzwilliam Museum marks the quatercentenary of the birth of John Milton with this special display of William Blake's illustrations for Milton's epic poems Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained.

Milton was a continual source of inspiration to Blake (one of his illuminated books was called Milton). The dramatic watercolour of The Angel Michael foretelling the Crucifixion here on display was made in 1822, based on an earlier design. Blake only made one set of illustrations for Paradise Regained, made c.1816-1818, and two of the twelve depicting scenes from the life and Passion of Christ will be shown, alongside an early printed copy of Milton's Paradise Lost dating from 1678.

This special display can be found in Gallery 3 of The Fitzwilliam Museum from Tuesday 9 December to Sunday 14 December.