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Philippe Le Roy 1596-1679)


Etching by Anthony Van Dyck and engraving attributed to Paulus Pontius, fourth state (of nine) (masked)

Comparison with the earlier state shows that no additional lines have been added to Le Roy's face. The head has been placed within an oval background, quite unlike any of the other etchings. This portrait did not need to conform to the other prints, as it was never included in the Iconography. The short horizontal line at the top of the plate and indentation around the oval are almost certainly signs that this is a masked impression (see printmaking terms). Paper would have been placed over part of the plate at the point of printing so that the hidden parts of the composition would not print on this sheet, disguising it as an earlier state. At the bottom of the sheet there is a faded ink inscription where someone has written the sitter's name in a calligraphic hand.

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