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Paul de Vos (1595-1678)


Etching by Anthony Van Dyck and engraving by Schelte à Bolswert, tenth state (of ten)

By the final state there have been numerous changes. The whole plate has been thoroughly reworked by Schelte à Bolswert (see also William de Vos), employed by Gillis Hendricx for the 1645 edition of the Iconography. Bolswert left the head alone to retain as much of Van Dyck's work as possible, but he tried to improve the rest of the composition by going over it with burin. The hand and index finger have been made more slender (and more in keeping with Van Dyck's portrayal of hands). The ruff has been altered at the right and the clothing completely covered with engraved lines. A second line of lettering has been added, and the makers' names have been burnished away and rewritten in the lower corners.

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