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Paul de Vos (1595-1678)


Etching by Anthony Van Dyck and Joannes Meyssens, fourth state (of ten)

Unlike any of the other prints in this room, this portrait was completed as an etching. The printmaker was Joannes Meyssens (1613-1670), who signed his name with excudit (meaning 'published'). Meyssens tried to capitalise on the popularity of Van Dyck's prints, publishing second versions of some of his portrait prints. The changes Meyssens made to this plate were carried out before Hendricx acquired the plates in 1645, and possibly even in Van Dyck's lifetime. It is unlikely that the two were working in collaboration. Given how particular Van Dyck had been with the arm in the portrait of De Wael, it is doubtful that he would have approved the awkward rendering of the body and arm in this instance. Meyssens tried unsuccessfully to fit the whole arm into the picture space, having to extend the hand over the margin, but the arm is still too cramped. A tromp-l'oeil shadow was added as an afterthought in an attempt to improve the composition.

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