Jan Van den Wouver (Waverius) (1574-1636)


Etching by Anthony Van Dyck and Lucas Vorsterman and engraving by Paulus Pontius, third state (of nine)

Jan Van der Wouwer is portrayed in the guise of a scholar: his hand, emerging from an ermine-lined cloak, holds a scroll. The chain around his neck signifies elevated status. Van Dyck based the etching on his own painting dated 1632 (Pushkin Museum, Moscow). It is now accepted that only the face was etched by Van Dyck. Lucas Vorsterman was responsible for the clothing and background, and the rest of the composition was completed in engraving by Paulus Pontius. Unfortunately, no impression of the face alone has survived. If it had it would look like the early states of the self portrait and Snyders and Le Roy. However, this may well be a unique impression of this state before any lettering was added to the plate.

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The Fitzwilliam Museum : Jan Van den Wouwer

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