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Jan de Wael (1558-1633)


Etching by Anthony Van Dyck and engraving by an unknown printmaker, second state (of six)

This is a deceptive impression, as the sheet has actually been printed twice to achieve a complete image. Van Dyck had apparently not been happy with the first attempt at De Wael's arm and had burnished it out. A second attempt at the arm was not made until Gillis Hendricx acquired the plates after Van Dyck's death. After the rework some impressions of earlier states were reprinted in order to superimpose the arm in the empty space. This was achieved by inking only the desired area of the reworked plate. This impression shows that this attempt was not entirely successful, as there are areas of double-printing in the elbow. There are also places that have failed to print properly: under the ruff, under and to the left of the beard and under the nose. Someone has drawn in ink in these sections to darken them. The cross-hatched lines forming the shadow below the hand have also not printed well.

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