The Blue Bird - Dance of Fire and Water

Act I, The Woodcutter’s Cottage


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Image["Sidney Sime(1867 – 1941),The Woodcutter’s Cottage"]

Sidney Sime,
The Woodcutter’s Cottage

‘Meanwhile, the enchantment has pursued its course: the spinning-wheel has begun to turn madly in its corner and to spin brilliant rays of light; the tap, in another corner, begins to sing in a very high voice and, turning into a luminous fountain, floods the sink with sheets of pearls and emeralds, through which darts the soul of WATER, like a young girl, streaming, dishevelled and tearful, who immediately begins to fight with FIRE.’


Image["Ina Pelly as 'Water' from the Playgoer and Society Illustrated, 1910"]

Ina Pelly as 'Water'
from the Playgoer
Society Illustrated,
















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The Fitzwilliam Museum : Dance of Fire and Water

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