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La Mort: C'est moi qui te rends sérieuse; enlaçons-nous
(Death: It is I who makes you serious; let us embrace each other)

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This print is stylistically similar to Il tombe dans l'abîme. The success of La Mort of 1889 perhaps prompted Redon to return to this scene and create a new version. A swathe of light is left in the wake of the femme-fatale figure of Lust, with the luminous black ink seeming to spread endlessly into the background.

The caption is taken from the same passage in Flaubert's text that Redon depicted in the 1889 version of La Mort, and is perhaps more fitted to that image. This shows how the images were personal responses to Flaubert's writing, rather than descriptive illustrations. In this image the figures are separate, and Death, staring straight at the viewer, seems to be holding up Lust, drawing her up and across the picture plane as she eminates light.


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