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Frontispiece for À Gustave Flaubert
(To Gustave Flaubert)

This album of six lithographs, plus the frontispiece, was Redon's second series based on Flaubert's La Tentation de Saint-Antoine (the frist was published in 1888). It was printed in an edition of sixty, which allowed Redon to sell a modest number to friends, acquaintances, critics, and the general public.

Despite the title, Flaubert never lived to see Redon's Tentation albums, having died in 1880. Flaubert's name is printed noticeably large in comparison to Redon's, hinting at the tremendous popularity of the writer, with whom Redon gladly associated himself. This dramatic image is the only one in the album that features the Saint. The scene depicts the moment towards the end of the novel, when the Devil whisks Anthony up above the earth.


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