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Cover for À Gustave Flaubert
(To Gustave Flaubert)

Printed underneath: 60 Exemplaires (Edition of 60).
Signed in pen, Odilon Redon.

There is a note written in pencil on the inside of the cover. It is cited as an extract from the first catalogue of Redon's work, compiled in 1891 by the Belgian lawyer, politician, and art critic, Jules Destrée. It gives the catalogue details for the À Gustave Flaubert album. The extract states the album was sold through the publisher, L. Dumont, Paris and lists the cover as printed on ardoise paper. It also notes the prints are of good quality, and in addition to the sixty sets of the albums, there is a existing first state of the Frontispiece and ten separately printed examples of the Ammonaria print.


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